2020 Winners

1st Place

Eli Taub, Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School, Austin, Texas

Eli Taub is a junior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School in Austin, Texas. He is one of the leaders of his school’s Latin Club, where he organizes resources for competitions about the Latin language and Roman history and culture, along with being a school ambassador, participating in Science Olympiad, and being a member of the National Honor Society. Outside of school, Eli enjoys board games, birding, and keeping up with current events.

2nd Place

Chijioke Mgbahurike,  STEM Academy at Martin High School, Arlington, Texas

I am a Nigerian immigrant, my family moving to America while I was eight years old. Currently, I am a junior at the STEM Academy at Martin High School in Arlington Texas. I am the captain of the UIL Ready Writing team at our school as well as a member of the Math Honor Society, National Honor Society, Technology Students Association, and Computer Science Club. I also volunteer as a member of the Mayor’s Youth Commission for my city. Outside of school, my days are spent reading philosophy, with post-modernism and existentialism being among my favorite topics. I am a music connoisseur, my favorite artists being Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar. Upon graduation, I plan to become a software engineer with a focus on cybersecurity, due partly to the greatest teacher on Earth, one Mr. Hovey.

3rd Place

Alina Billy, Texas Tech University, Midland, Texas

Alina Billy is a sophomore at Texas Tech University High School. Living in Midland, Texas, she uses her free time from taking online classes to experiment with entrepreneurship as well as community service projects. Using science and creativity to create recipes, she started a small baking business in Midland. Always looking for new opportunities, she plans to get a bachelors degree in social work, going on into the field of family law. With big plans for the future, Alina just hopes that she will make a difference, no matter how big or small.

4th Place

Annie Zhu, Bellaire High School, Houston, Texas

Annie Zhu is a junior at Bellaire High School, whose passion lies in employing technology to resolve issues on the forefront of social justice. She is the co-founder of Fresh Hub, an initiative that rescues unsold food and distributes it to low-income neighborhoods, and a lead programmer of the Fresh Hub app. Additionally, Annie is committed to closing education gaps by creating free online resources and tutoring sessions that foster one-on-one mentorship with disadvantaged students. She serves on the OST/South Union Go Neighborhoods Steering Committee and Houston Mayor Youth Council. Not only does she strive to be a world citizen herself, but Annie also wishes to inspire her classmates, prompting her to establish the Future Problem Solvers (FPS) Club at her high school. As the co-coach, she has led her team to winning the international FPS competition two years in a row. Annie also loves dancing, painting, and cooking.

5th Place

Sachin Allums, LASA High School, Austin, Texas

Sachin Allums is a junior at LASA High School in Austin, Texas. At LASA, Allums is a swim team captain, a leadership council ambassador, a water polo player, an NHS member, and a string bass player. In his free time, Allums enjoys designing and creating card games, tutoring fourth graders in the Foundation Communities program, playing hacky sack, and spending time with friends and family. While his future is uncertain, Allums hopes to discover a passion in college that can give him both meaning, joy, and the freedom to be creative.